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Dr. Nicholas Colangelo Answers Questions Regarding Addiction During a Pandemic

Besides the obvious answer being, "get into treatment today", what advice would you give to someone that is currently feeling stress from isolation while struggling with addiction during this pandemic? Some of the reasons to get into treatment today during the pandemic are as follows: Addiction loves to isolate us and a pandemic sets a [...]

Signs That Your Child Is Using Drugs

As public debates continue to cover the dangers of drug abuse and its prominence in society, it is only natural for parents to worry about the health of their children. Many kids are tempted to try an illegal (or at least illegal for their age group) substance before they even reach high school, and during [...]

Top 10 Dangers of Binge Drinking

Long regarded as a favorite pastime for many college students, binge drinking is the most common and most deadly example of excessive alcohol use in the United States. It is primarily practiced among individuals in the 18-34 age range, especially found at parties and sometimes even treated as a rite of passage for sororities, fraternities, [...]

Why Tolerance is Important to Understand

In many situations, it can be difficult to spot when someone is on the path to forming a substance use disorder. Every class of drug has different effects, and even within each class there are variations between drugs. Fortunately, there is one sign that can help identify that a person is progressing toward an addiction regardless [...]

The Changing Face of Addiction

When you picture a person with substance use disorder, what is the first image that comes to mind? For many people, that first image is of a homeless person huddled on the street of a city with a bottle of alcohol in their hand, their teeth yellowed and falling out from a lack of personal hygiene and drug use. They live in poverty and [...]

10 Signs of Relapse You Must Know

Breaking free from drug addiction is no easy feat. Each year, thousands of people attempt to quit only to fail in their attempt, returning to active addiction. Within the medical community, this is known as relapse, and is unfortunately all too common. While relapse can occur even after an individual has received treatment for their substance use disorder, it is especially common among [...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Plan for Employees and Patients

At Brookdale, the health and safety of our community and our employees are our top priorities. As you are likely aware, COVID-19 cases have now been reported in Pennsylvania. Considering this recent development as well as the changes and recommendations which are being updated daily from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and recommendations from [...]

7 Ways to Celebrate a Sober St.  Patrick’s Day

To most people, St. Patrick’s Day is regarded as a time to embrace the spirit of the Irish, celebrate wildly, and of course, drink lots of Irish whiskey and green beer. The last part is especially true in the secular sense of the holiday, and many people, who likely are not even Irish, get excited for the day  just for [...]

6 Common Excuses We Make to Avoid Getting Help

There are some people who are completely unaware of when they are struggling with a serious problem, and then there are others who recognize they have a problem but refuse to seek help. Few places are both possibilities more common than when it comes to dealing with addiction, yet this is one of the most crucial places where outside help is a [...]

Why You Should Never Detox “Cold Turkey”

When a person is struggling with a drug addiction and decides to quit using their chosen substance, their first thought might be to avoid going to rehab and attempt to get sober on their own. They can come to this decision for several reasons, from fear of stigma to financial worries. However, before a person can become drug free, they must go through a stage of the recovery process known as detoxification, or [...]

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